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Our Values

Focused Clarity

We are determined to deliver one thing: the best assignments

Worldwide Creativity

We operate globally in ways that find outstanding solutions

Independent Loyalty

We are personally involved and know that trust is the key to everything

“We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to sustainable, creative solutions to our clients to make them happy.”
Dr. Bjørn Johansson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

What the press writes about us

Although the nature of our business is discretion and confidentiality, we are often mentioned in the press. It is probably because we are not your conventional board advisory firm.

Beyond borders

The whole world is our world

11 nationalities placed, based on 4 continents
70% of placements were women
Clients headquartered in 8 countries

What clients and candidates say

“Bjørn is a headhunting legend and you will be in very capable and professional hands with his firm”
Dr. Mark Schneider
Chief Executive Officer Nestlé SA
“To be a leader today requires extraordinary professional and human capabilities, but Bjørn and his team goes a step further: they have achieved the great wisdom of choosing the best leaders”
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schwab
Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
“Dr. Bjørn Associates is more than a partner for us, it’s a friend we trust our future on”
Christophe Beck
Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO Ecolab Inc.
“Bjørn and his team have a secret weapon: their creative spark”
Luca Maestri
Chief Financial Officer Apple and Member of the Board of Nestlé SA
“They see invisible connections and turn them into powerful placements”
Cher Wang
Founder and Chief Executive Officer HTC
“To get into a dialogue with the best candidates in our field you have to think outside the box. BJA knows how to do that”
Erik Gatenholm
Chief Executive Officer Cellink
“Bjørn and his partners have a special skill in sensing who will be a superb fit”
Wendy Becker
Chairperson Logitech
“When it comes to finding the best people for us we have a simple strategy: work with the best people”
Amanda Ambrose
Managing Director CVC Advisers Limited London

We like to introduce ourselves

We are a passionate, diverse team. Each of us contributes with individual skills and creativity to your success.